Migration completed!

Now optimized for iOS7.

It's been a year and three months since we've put our apps online. There were more than 5.000 of you, our customers, who started to use our products on a daily basis, making their business more flexible.

Big thanks to all of you, guys. We are happy, because we just love to do what makes us happy. It's that simple.

Enjoy all our apps except Rental app in brand new iOS 7 design and optimization. We hope you will love what's coming next...


Who we are

Petr started his carreer as the film and tv producer in Prague's finest film production companies, managing international film shoots for commercials, music videos
and documentaries.


Apart from being strong in business & sales, he is simply
a great producer. Petr makes sure the things get done fast and without compromise.

He is a father of two, a practising minimalist with the simplicity of life as his daily motto. He loves to surf, he is
a passionate runner and he is happiest when he can enjoy
the nature and its glorious landscapes in his tracksuit.


Tomas is Productify's vision and innovations keeper.
He worked almost 20 years for the international advertising & digital media agencies in Prague.
He became internationally awarded Creative Director and member of Art Directors Club of Czech Republic.

Tomas makes sure that our line of products constantly evolves, searches new opportunities, oversees our UI design and controls our marketing campaigns.

Tomas loves to dive, he collects & reads inspiring books and he is Prague's famous design freak. You could also bump into him in restaurants and wine bars, since he is a prototype of a foodie.


About Tomas About Petr
What we believe in

We do not support the traditional corporate culture.
The way we work is something that shouldn’t be
dictated to us by any policy.


Gladly, us humans, we prefer to select when we want to work and which tools we use to get our job done.


Therefore at Productify, we create applications to strenghten the freedom of our choice. A choice to live
and work on our terms. Anytime, anywhere.


By switching to our apps you can instantly
start to save couple of hours daily.


If you sip a glass of Pinot Noir with friends in your favourite wine bar, or get wet on surf board is just your decision.

And we believe that this decision is something we all deserve.


Productify is bringing the smart business solutions for mobile devices to make our work time a little shorter enabling us to enjoy life a little more.


Talk to us

Productify, s.r.o.
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110 00, Prague

Office Desk:

Tomas Otradovec
Managing Partner

Petr Svoboda
Managing Partner

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